Julie Herzig Desnick Endowment Fund for Archaeological Field Surveys

Julie Herzig Desnick Endowment Fund for Archaeological Field Surveys
The Julie Herzig Desnick Fund will provide grants to archaeologists to start new archaeological survey projects. The awards are intended for projects involving field survey on the ground or a combination of field survey and remote sensing methods, rather than those based entirely on satellite imagery or other remote sensing data. Geophysical survey projects are also eligible.   While all are encouraged to apply, preference will be given to archaeologists at an early stage in their careers (within 8 years of the receipt of the PhD).

Projects may concern any location in the world and any time period. Each project should make innovative use of technology, and the fieldwork proposed should be designed to address important questions about the human past. In 2017, the Herzig Desnick Fund will be combined with the AIA Fieldwork Fund, for a total award of up to 5,500 USD.


This article was written by Kevin M Kelly

I am a broadly-trained anthropologist--a human biologist--and currently, an associate research scientist in the College of Public Health as well as an adjunct associate professor in the Dept of Anthropology and the Dept of Community & Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa whose research focuses on the cultural, behavioral, biological and historical facets of human health.