Sanisera Archaeology Institute for International Field Schools

Sanisera Archaeology Institute for International Field Schools is a cultural archaeological institute based in Menorca (Spain) that works in different sites of the world. Our institution collaborates with universities from United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Canada in order to enrich or complement their students experience and knowledge. Please don’t hesitate to check the courses we offer by clicking on the link below:

The Institute offers courses in several categories as Underwater Archaeology, GIS, Bioarchaeology, Classical Archaeology, Conservation…all of them during the summer, providing opportunities for students to their skills and knowledge, get credits and participate in potentially important archaeological finds.



This article was written by Kevin M Kelly

I am a broadly-trained anthropologist--a human biologist--and currently, an associate research scientist in the College of Public Health as well as an adjunct associate professor in the Dept of Anthropology and the Dept of Community & Behavioral Health at the University of Iowa whose research focuses on the cultural, behavioral, biological and historical facets of human health.